About us

We will unleash the power of people, businesses and brands to create positive change in society.

In the Words of Our Founder

“We work as one team, but with many voices. Our diverse perspectives and lived experiences challenge assumptions, exploring and discovering new solutions to problems that are often overlooked.”


Rigor and Imagination

We blend insight and inspiration in every step of the process, pairing a rigorous, empathetic approach with bold creativity to shape sound solutions.


Diverse by Design

We bring diverse perspectives to the table by matching a range of relevant skillsets and lived experiences across our open, collaborative ecosystem of partners and in-house experts to challenge our thinking, uncover disruptive ideas and deliver the best of what we know.


Day-One Impact

We drive to impact quickly, bringing clarity by crafting concepts and solutions and ensuring strategy is brought to life with speed, precision, and insight.

Our Vision

We believe that businesses should be able to think big, without having to worry about the details. We take care of the details so you can focus on what's important: making sure your company is growing and thriving.

We're Elements Next Generation, and we're a leading growth & transformation consulting firm that has been working with some of the biggest names in retail, banking, automotive and finance since 2016. We work with companies who are looking for innovative ways to accelerate their growth and see results—not waste time or resources on useless goals and objectives that don't get them anywhere.

We know how hard it is to stay on top of everything when you're growing at lightning speed. That's why we've developed a proprietary AI-powered platform that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your performance data so you can make informed decisions about what's working for you and where there might be opportunities for improvement. We help our clients generate sustainable growth by focusing on what matters most: their core business goals.



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